Google Adword Message Extensions Are Going Away Soon!

Yes, you read it right! Google Adword Message extensions are going away which means you will no longer be able to create or send message extensions. Creating message extensions is no longer available now and it will stop showing the message extensions from the next month. This could be disappointing for many of you because these message extensions are enhancing the growth of your business. It gives your customers a convenient way to quickly reach out to get a quote, book an appointment, request a service, ask for information and many more.

What is Google Adword Message Extensions?

Create a new extension or select from the already created message extensions. Fill in all the relevant information from your message ads. This service helps your potential customers revert on the advertisement by sending a text message from the ad with a single click.

When someone clicks the message option in the ad from any of their portable devices, their messaging app will open with a pre-populated message which you have created. If you are in countries like Canada, United States, Australia or Brazil you can simply create an option for auto-reply. This will automatically revert your customers who contacted using these services.

So what could be an alternative for this?

The Lead Form Extensions and Call Extensions can be the perfect alternative for Message Extensions. Let us discuss both of them in brief.

Lead Form Extensions

This will help you in attaching a form to your ad campaign. You can easily create a new ad campaign by creating a new lead form or you can simply attach a new lead form to your existing campaign. Lead forms enable you to collect the potential leads directly from your ads. People who will be interested in your product or services can easily revert you back by filling out the lead forms. All the leads collected can be managed conveniently and can easily be downloaded in CSV file.

Call Extensions

Call Extensions lets you add a contact number to your ads which can extensively increase the click-through rates for your ads. When this extension shows, people can directly call you only through a single click. This results in engaging more customers with your ads and higher changes to get and track customer conversations.